1998 | 5 minutes
Director, Camera, Editing: Robert Wyrod
Medical imaging is appropriated to examine how technology mediates our conceptions of the human body.

Visible Humans
1998 | 5 minutes
Director, Editing: Robert Wyrod
An assemblage of images from the Visible Human Project–the most comprehensive visual atlas of the human body.

in vivo : Selected Stories of Genetic Manipulation
1996 | 10 minutes
Director, Camera, Editing, Music: Robert Wyrod
This experimental documentary examines the frontiers of human genetic engineering. It explores the ethical terrain of the emerging field of human gene therapy research and includes original interviews with the leading scientists working in this area.

Vol_FuncVoluntary Functions
1995 | 3 minutes
Director, Camera, Editing: Robert Wyrod
Incorporating images from a mid-century medical study of male body types, this video examines the construction of “the normal, young man.” The video was also exhibited as a three-channel video installation.