Fighting Domestic Violence in Uganda
2004 | 5 minutes
Director, Camera, Editing: Robert Wyrod
The Center for Domestic Violence Prevention is a successful local NGO in Uganda working to prevent domestic violence in the capital Kampala. This video was produced to help the organization publicize its work to community residents. The video is primarily in Luganda, the most widely spoken local language in Kampala.

Indo War ProtestIndonesians Protest Iraq Invasion
2002 | 5 minutes
Director, Camera, Editing: Robert Wyrod
Additional Camera and Editing: Rachel Rinaldo
This video documents the massive anti-war protests in Indonesia on the eve of the U.S. invasion of Iraq.
Produced for Indymedia Newsreal.

Protesting the World Economic Forum
2002 | 5 minutes
Camera: J Cookson
Editing: Robert Wyrod
Produced for Indymedia Newsreal, this video captures the action on the streets of New York City during the large protests against the World Economic Forum.

Indymedia Newsreal
Co-Founders: Robert Wyrod, Rachel Rinaldo, Eric Galatas
Segment Producer: Robert Wyrod
Indymedia Newsreal was an unique collaborative, progressive news program. Each thirty minute program covered actions taken in local communities, by ordinary people, to address issues such as the environment, racism, reproductive rights, and indigenous struggles. Newsreal was broadcast monthly on Free Speech TV for seven years and presented segments from dozens of producers from all over the world.

This video was the March 2002 edition of Indymedia Newsreal. It contains segments from protests at the World Economic Forum in NYC. It also includes a segment on relatives of 9/11 victims visiting Afghanistan to witness the impact of U.S. military operations. The program begins with a segment on life in an Afghan community in Northern California post 9/11.

Direct Action Headline News
Co-Directors: Rachel Rinaldo and Robert Wyrod
Camera and Editing: Robert Wyrod
This monthly, ten minute alternative news program was part of the Indymedia movement that emerged from the turbulent 1999 WTO protests in Seattle. The program incorporated contributions from domestic and international producers and documents many of the major globalization protests in the wake of Seattle. The Headline News was broadcast on Free Speech TV and was the precursor to Indymedia Newsreal.
Summary of programs.

Music Videos from Guinea: Mamoudou Kouyate et Les Heritiers de Konkoba
1996 | 15 minutes
Director, Camera, Editing: Robert Wyrod
Additional Camera and Editing: Christopher Wyrod
A series of three music videos created in collaboration with local musicians in northeastern Guinea. Each video addressed important health concerns, from AIDS to family planning. The videos were broadcast on Guinean national television and funded by Population Services International.